Welcome to Frosta

Beautiful and fertile, the rural borough of Frosta reaches out into the Trondheim fjord. The community proudly carries its inheritance; a rich cultural history witnessing the central position held by Frosta throughout the centuries.

Frosta by air










Agriculture makes up the largest industry in Frosta, with an area of 75 square kilometres and 2500 residents, the smallest county in Nord-Trøndelag.

Frosta is rich in culture and history. One of Norway’s first courts, «Frostatinget», lay here.

Tinghaugen at Frosta
Tinghaugen at Frosta

Near to the ancient court mound lies Logtun church from the 1400’s. Several rock engraving sites can be found in the parish, together with burial grounds from Viking times.

Logtun church
Logtun church

On Tautra stands the ruined abbey from 1207, and the largest bird reserve north of Dovre.

Tautra abbey
Tautra abbey

Beautifully located in the middle of the Trondheim fjord, and with its distinctive cultural landscape and climate, Frosta is perfect for activities including hiking, cycle touring and fjord and freshwater fishing. Study the rich bird life, or visit one of our beautiful rose gardens could be another option.

Frostaporten – the site you’re visiting now, is a start page with information about local business, clubs and associations. By using the links underneath you will in addition find extended information about Frosta:

Welcome to Frosta!

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